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From Volma to America


    Information from Thomas Korzun born in Brooklyn, New York in 1947:


    My ancestors lived in the village of Volma, Minsk region. There are two Volmas, one where the river begins and the other where my family came from between the Volma and Rudnya rivers.

    My great grandfather was Vasily Adamovich Korzun and was born in 1823 and lived to 108 years. He had two brothers, Ignat and Apanas, and three sisters, Maria, Antonia, and Anna. He was married to Ustina Lugoski, and had six sons, Timofey (my grandfather), Igor, Nicolai, Arhip, Alexandr, and Stepan, and two daughters, Christina, and Irina.

    My grandfather Timofey Vasilevich Korzun (1875-1955) married Anna Pavlovna Lesci (Lysaia) and they had seven sons, Peter, Constantine, Mikhail, Vasily, Nicolai, Alexander (my father) and Ivan, and three daughters, Alena, Luba and Anastasia.

    My grandfather left Volma in 1914, to go to America, New York, with his daughter Anastasia, on the Lusitania. My grandmother, Anna, remained in Volma with the other children, It was not until 1929, that my grandfather was able to bring my grandmother and her sons Vasily (William), Alexander (my father), and Ivan (John) to America. Another son Nicolai, left Volma for New York in 1930 with his wife Agapa Steshko and infant son John. The other children remained in Volma. My father, Alexander died in 2002 at 90 years, my Uncle Vasily in 2000 at 97 years and Uncle Ivan in 2001 at 86. My father was responsible for remembering most of the family history. He used to occasionally receive letters from relatives in Minsk, another Aleksandr Korzun and a man named Rok.